Our Mission of Doing Good – Just Pour

When we started Just Pour we knew that a central component of our mission was going to be charitable giving.  However, we didn't know how critical charitable giving would become to our business model until we actually came up with our name - Just Pour.


We see the name "Just Pour" as a play on words that is central to our business thesis.  The word JUST embodies two principal characteristic of the business: first it represents the primary ethos of our convenience strategy - customers merely "JUST" pour water and voila, they delight in a delicious cup of coffee; and second it symbolizes how we seek to be a "JUST" company.  For us, being a JUST company means being stewards of the environment. To that end, our product is designed with compostable/biodegradable filters, a recyclable dripper and packaging, and an internal process that seeks to reduce our carbon footprint.  Furthermore, being a JUST company also means sharing our success with others.  Each year we intend to carve out a portion of our profits and donate them to charity.

We launched in 2019, and have already been able to make an impact on a small children's museum in Easton Massachusetts.  Because of subscribers like you we are able to provide this much needed funding to local charities whose impact on their communities is invaluable. 

Please consider subscribing to Just Pour so that we can continue to make our impact grow.  We want to fill this page with organizations that are not only important to us, but also important to you. 

Let's change the world together!

The Just Pour Team


Charities Donated To: