Beans from Small Scale Farmers

Our goal is to source socially conscious coffee beans with the perfect mix of delicious flavors suitable for all palates. Our eco-friendly coffee is grown by small scale farmers that are able to provide extra care for their crops each year. From the farm to the roaster we believe quality is the key to a great cup of coffee.                                                                       

Our coffee is crafted by Speedwell Coffee Roasters located in Plymouth, MA. Speedwell is a leading coffee roaster in our area, and they are exceptional specialty coffee roasters. By roasting small batches they are able to achieve consistent flavor profiles for each of the different roasting profiles. 


Colombian  – Light / Medium Roast

Our light-medium roast is the perfect morning coffee to start your day!

Origin: Cauca
Elevation: 1550-1700m
Storage: GrainPro
Process: Washed and sun-dried
Varietials: Caturra and Colombia 

Colombia Cauca is a favorite for it's natural sweetness, smooth body and clean mouthfeel. A workhorse for our wholesale program, this coffee is a consistent classic Colombian profile, that is the perfect single origin to brew at any time of day. 

Taste Notes: lemon, currant, and oolong tea

Nor'easter – Dark Roast

Being from New England we are very familiar with Nor'easters storms. This dark roast coffee is a customer favorite!

Components: Colombia
Process: Washed
Storage: GrainPro 

This is Speedwell's signature dark roast profile; highlighting the deeper, stout flavors without compromising the Colombian coffees integrity.  We take this coffee into second crack and end the roast as the natural sugars in the coffee are caramelizing when the coffee is a chestnut color.  The oils on the exterior of the coffee have not yet been forced to surface.  This is where we still maintain some of the sweetness and acidity inherent in the Colombian coffee, but also develop those roasty notes.

Taste Notes: dark cocoa, cinnamon spice, graham cracker.

Decaf Colombia Sugar Cane E.A. – Decaf Roast

Our decaf is a beautiful tasting coffee for those looking to dial back the caffeine intake! 

Origin: Garzon, Huila 
Elevation: 1550m 
Producer: Various smallholder farmers 
Storage: GrainPro 
Process: Washed and sun dried. Naturally decaffeinated. 
Variety: Caturra and Colombia 

Decaf Process: Sugarcane ethyl acetate (E.A.) processing, commonly referred to as natural decaffeination, starts by fermenting molasses derived from sugarcane to create ethanol. The ethanol is then mixed with acetic acid which creates ethyl acetate to decaffeinate the beans.

Taste Notes: milk chocolate, cinnamon, graham, pomegranate