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Channeling DaVinci

When you think of the term renaissance man, or polymath, who comes to mind?  For us, it’s undoubtedly Leonardo DaVinci.  DaVinci is most prominently known for having painted the Mona Lisa, but, beyond the Mona Lisa, he embodied the ideals of a person whose skill sets extended beyond painting.  He excelled in sculpting, engineering, architecture, anatomy, music, politics, etc.  He was a naturalist, political advisor, writer, and poet as well.  While a genius in all endeavors, he remains, however, most widely known for his painting.  Yet, while paining brought him to prominence, each endeavor he immersed himself in informed and advanced his art.  His adept knowledge of human anatomy informed how he conveyed motion in his painting.  He used his engineering and architectural skills to seek out and maintain close relationships with state leaders and monarchs.  He painstakingly recorded details of the natural world in his notebooks that would later be used to create more realism in his art.  And he kept company with friends, rivals, and politicians in an effort to secure commissions and inform his evolving perspective.


At Just Pour we draw inspiration from Leonardo DaVinci.  His ability to inform his art by developing expertise in a multitude of subjects is something we hold in high esteem and aspire to emulate.  At Just Pour, our canvas is coffee.  On its surface, coffee is nothing more than a simple, ubiquitous, consumable product that follows a repetitive process: grow, harvest, consume, repeat.  

Yet coffee is much more than a repetitive process.  It is a dynamic crop with utility and economic value that extends beyond consumption.  Coffee is biological, environmental, chemical, political, economical, artful, etc.  Coffee is the second most consumed drink globally, only surpassed by water.  It has a complex interconnected supply chain that effects nearly every curve of the Earth.  It provides opportunity and wealth to countless people around the world.  It’s chemistry, when mixed with water, delivers pleasure to the everyday consumer.  It’s growth nurtures the earth and the farmers who cultivate it.  It is beautiful to look at and can be used to create art - think about what a skilled barista can do with a latte!   Like a DaVinci painting, coffee is multi-dimensional.  When we look at this tiny bean, we see more than a one-dimensional product.  We see complexity, goodness, beauty, and a harbinger to create value for human society. 


At Just Pour, we work to leverage the full utility of coffee to “Do Good.”  We developed Just Pour to provide a quality single-serve coffee, to benefit the environment, and to promote philanthropy.  We’re devoted to working with small scale farms as a way to add economic value to the supply chain.  We designed our filters and packaging in an effort to reduce waste, favor sustainability, and create the conditions for our customers to change their coffee drinking habits by consuming a product that focuses on environmental sustainability.  Finally, a portion of our profits are earmarked for charity.  Our goal is to be a socially conscious company through example, leadership, and environmental stewardship.  To that end, our charitable giving is focused on the environment, education, and corporate responsibility.


Leonardo DaVinci is an impressive role model.  By recognizing the interrelationships between subject matter with respect to our company’s primary product and goals, we believe we’re laying the foundation for future success and changing the paradigm in which consumers view coffee and its effect on the environment.


We hope you’ll become part of our movement.


The Just Pour Team

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