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5 Reasons You Should Switch to Pour Over Coffee

Pour over brewing is pretty simple. All you have to do is grind fresh coffee and then use a device to pour hot water over the grounds, then voila! You'll get a fresh tasting cup of coffee. So, why should you ditch your coffee maker machine and switch to pour over brewing only?

Pour Over Brewing

You have more control.

This is arguably the best benefit of pour over coffee! A traditional coffee pot has moving parts that can break and are harder to clean. Your coffee also continues to cook after brewing since they have hot plates and "stay warm" settings. Coffee pots leave you with absolutely no control and often distort the coffee’s true flavors and potential.

When using a pour over coffee method, you can get creative with the technique! You can heat up the water however you would like, and then let it cool to whatever temperature you want before finally pouring it over the coffee grounds.

You can pour however quickly or slowly you would like, rinse the filter/grinds to your liking, and even have the option to stir the grinds while pouring. There are endless techniques for pour over coffee, and each creates its own unique flavors.

Coffee Beans

You can help save the environment.

Did you know the number of K-Cups in landfills could wrap around the Earth TEN times?! There is so much waste that comes with using single serve coffee makers like Keurig and Nespresso machines, so more and more people are making the switch to pour over, single serve coffee instead. 

With Perk Pods specifically, the pour over coffee pod is reusable and all of the other products are either carbon neutral, recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. We can help make the world a better place, just from our morning cup-of-joe.

Single Cup of Coffee

Pour over brewing is easy.

Pour over brewing is a simple way to make coffee with the best flavor outcomes, in just a couple of minutes. You don’t need any fancy new machines or technology- it’s just the filter, coffee, and water. It can’t get much easier than that!

Want it to be even easier? Sign up for a Perk Pods plan, where we ship the funnel and filters pre-filled with coffee right to your front door! You don’t even have to remember coffee at the grocery store or wait in line at your local coffee shop anymore, we will bring it right to you.

The other practicality of pour over coffee is how it’s perfect for one person. Everyone likes their coffee differently, so pour over brewing makes it easy to customize your cup each time you brew. And it’s also efficient for one person because it eliminates the hassle of having to prepare an electric pot for just one cup of coffee.

It's budget-friendly.

Everyone should already know that preparing your own coffee at home is significantly cheaper than grabbing a cup at a coffee shop every day. When brewing at home, pour over brewing can be significantly cheaper than using a coffee maker. If you brew a pot of coffee, most times there is wasted leftovers that gets poured down the drain. This adds up!

Pour over coffee gives you exactly what you need for one cup of coffee. The only things you ever need to repurchase are filters and coffee, which are both cheap already. Plus, you save money by not having to buy bulky machines that break and need to be replaced.

Girl Drinking a Cup of Coffee

It just tastes better.

If you’ve never tried pour over brewing before, you might assume that coffee is coffee and it will taste the same regardless of how you make it. This couldn’t be further from the truth! People are amazed after tasting pour over coffee for the first time because it tastes completely different from traditionally brewed coffee.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! The pour over process is designed so that the hot water is in contact with the grinds for a longer period of time than other brewing methods, which naturally creates a richer taste.

By constantly pouring hot water over the grounds, you’re saturating all of the grounds instead of just dripping hot water over the same area, like a traditional coffee pot does. The thorough saturation of the hot water allows the most flavor to be extracted from the coffee grounds, leaving you with a delicious cup.

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